so, i get so excited to hear God working in people's lives.. its amazing to see Him do work around me.... is it okay to be jealous of that? jealous of other peoples situations with God? because i think i get that way sometimes.. hear about their success and love for Jesus... His love showing in their life.... amazing.. absolutely beautiful to say the least..... i think i miss telling those stories.. i think i am missing out sometimes.... but am i? is it me missing out because of something i have done/havent done? or am i even missing out? is this something where God is working in my life where i can't even see it? is it another Job situation? have i missed something? i hope not.. i pray that i dont miss it.... is there somthing i am holding back even? restricting my ear to God's voice/guidance./presence? i dont think so... but what really do i even know?

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john W. the legend said...

Your the man, u layed that down just right, i totally feel you dude, i prey about the same things. From one lost soul to another "your time will come"