so me and josh garrett and klash, are helping out with this baptist church next door.. me and josh doing rec.. but anyway.. as we were standing around waiting for kids to come in... we were meeting the people of the church, mostly older people... the pastor was there when this woman came up and started talking to the pastor... this is how it went down.

woman :"did you hear what just happened!?" (sounding so pissed off)
pastor: no what?
woman: i came into the parking lot just now, and did you see where i had to park?! (agian, still pissed)
pastor: no
woman: ruthie had taken my spot!!
pastor: *laughingly* well did you get a good spot anyway?
woman: LUCKILY! there some still left on the side. (keep in mind there are only about 5 cars in the parking lot.)
pastor: *laughs a little bit just to make light of the situation*
woman: im glad YOU think its funny because i DON'T!

i couldnt hardly believe what i heard... it was so ridiculous..

come to find out,,,,,,, this woman was the preachers wife...

im just glad that the church is focused on reaching out to these kids... and not about parking spots... because that would be ridiculous.. right?


puddin said...

guess who else rejoined the blogging world...

puddin said...

have some composure? i deleted it..

it liked this title better... yea

Megan said...

WOW...that's sad, and she was the preacher's wife, too. shine your light cuz! miss you! holla

Kayla said...

omg. that is hilarious. lol. i miss youuuuuu!