still no sleep.. but growing very hungery... chick fil la opens at 7.. you may be saying to your self.. " wait, im pretty sure they open at 630".. wrong.. i just called them.. its 7.. however.. according to the website..most stores are recommended to open from the hours of 630 to 10.. but. since each chick fi la is individually owned, each site has the flexibility to open when they feel is best.... i know this... also did you know the first free standing chick fila drive through was built in Greenville Sc?... hmmm.. good info... also.. i didnt know chic fi la originated in atlanta.. wow.. that is so much fun to know... another good fact is... excedrin really only works for head aches.. not anything else i dont think.. well i say this because studies show.... my leg still friggn hurt so much that i cant sleep... its 616... also i've posted more bulitens on myspace tonite, than i ever have.. thank you for listening. .. i have to get up for work in about an hour and a half.

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