wow.. been too long old friend.. too long... so im in cola now.. loving every min. of it... this has already been one of the best experiences of my life.. my first week here we decided to attend a gay pride rally.. me and levi fit right in.. lol.. but seriously.. we went and we handed out waters and loved on the people there.. we werent the only ones there.. there were other churches doing stuff too.. things like yelling with loudspeakers and holding up signs in these peoples faces... we did other things than just hand out waters.. we apologized to the homosexuals for the way that the other churches were treating them.. Though we didnt agree with the way the homosexuals lived their life.... that is no reason for us to turn our backs on them, or shout at them that they are going to hell... we decided to take a different approach.. imagine instead of hating people that you disagree with... but loving them.. it works.. just ask Jesus.. thats how he did it.

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