i wrote this a while back. and never published it.

it seems at times we get too concerned with how our story fits into the story of the world.

Maybe we should be concerned wtih the story of God

and how his story will shape our lives, and less concerned with our own fame.

sometimes if feel like i get too wrapped up in the impact that i am going to make.

i need to look at the impact that God is making on my life, and the lives around me

and realize that its not about me, or what i do. but what God is doing in me.

this should be the focus. not what makes me happy, or what fits into my view of what should happen.

maybe we should suck it up and quit crying about things you can't control and accept what is happening around you and ask

God where he wants you, and stop trying to force your way into a story that you are trying to create for yourself.

God is the writer and director. He knows what is best. Ask him

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lg. said...

this is good stuff jay. i likeee.