so, i'm graduated. done with school. done with college.

what now you say?

thats a good question.

ending college is a weird thing for me... i'm leaving many of my closest friends... some still in school, others going on their own paths looking for guidance..

its weird leaving people that i've been living with for the past 2 years..... i love these people and i cherish all the times that we were together and will be together.. i've learned so much from the guys on the hall and i wouldn't trade those experiences for the world.

anyway... so what now?

well at first i was really depressed about graduated, but I am moving to columbia soon, and the more and more i think about what i will be doing in cola, the more excited i get about moving!.

i will be working with Midtown with the student ministry with Beau, and i really cannot wait..

working with youth and also coming up this summer is Go Camp and we need to get ready planning for that too..

its all kind of overwhelming,, but its going to be amazing and i can't wait!

sometimes i get scared i won't know what to do... lets face it.. i don't know what to do, but I know God's got a plan and i just need to ask Him what He wants for me.... and it will be alright..

i am so amped about moving to columbia, i get even more amped when i start talking to beau, and when dustin starts talking about his vision for what he wants to see in columbia with me and whatnot... its so exciting!


i might be getting a job with hollister.... so that could be fun... or could be hell... i really don't know.. we'll see what happens..

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puddin said...

we had a good run.

i will miss you ridiculously.