so alot of times frustrations and venting can turn into a good thing... well it might not seem good at first.. but it helps get through the rough stuff and into what really matters..

like looking back to the past... your path.. it could be frustrating.. but then see how God has been putting you exactly where He wants you...

maybe you're at that point where you're looking at the past.. and you don't see how it works into where you are now...

well keep going... you're not to the point to look back for guidance yet... look forward.. look to God.

encouragement?: you can NEVER go wrong following God... how could you go wrong following God? you can't.. it's impossible.. therefore.. follow God's lead.. He won't screw you over.. He doesn't know how to.

He loves..

He guides. He's amazing..

puddin's awesome. the end.

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puddin said...

you have those conversations about how things are so frustrating and then the next day God shows you how the door in front of you is standing wide open. he doesn't screw. thanks for allowing the vent to take place.

and you are the awesome one. not me.