so, i went to a coffee shop tonight and paid 3 bucks for a drink that i hated. i always do that, i always forget what i liked the last time i got it, and never remember what i hated.

oh well..

i sat down, and spent some time ready and writing..
it was good..
as i sat there i overheard a conversation going on at the table beside me.

two 30 to 40 year old men were sitting talking with each other.
i heard one of them talking about taking a girl home, then calling her a cab or something...

it kind of caught my attention, so of course i kept listening (wrong? don't care)
so here goes how i remember the rest of the conversation

guy 1: "so the answer is, no, not really. have you ever?"

guy 2: "nah.. me either, so would you EVER cheat on your wife?"

guy 1: (shrugs his shoulders and gives a half grin) " well, the answer is no.. well i'll say i won't cheat on my wife... but if the situation presented itself ... I'm not going to say "no, i'll never cheat on my wife", because you just never know.

guy 2: "yeah same here"



"yeah same here" - you ARE an idiot. both of you. casual conversation in a coffee shop.

wow. at that moment, i thanked God that He has taught me about marriage, and the sacred bond that is so beautiful and great, and made by God.... it tears me apart to think that these two men are talking about their marriage as if were a bad movie they can just walk out on, or a plate of food they can send back... idiots.

seriously. pissed me off.

I look at my parents as a beautiful representation of what marriage should be.

they love each other, and they know it. My father, would never have a conversation like that EVER. he would never talk about his marriage so casually as if it were meaningless... my mom does nothing but build my dad up in conversation with other people.. that is beautiful. that is marriage.

not these fools who look at their wives as if they were dogs that they onces liked, or a car they bought when they were younger and now are tired of it.... this is a sad world..

thank you God for being amazing, and for giving us marriage, and for giving us models to do life by... thank you for not leaving us out to dry, and for giving us examples to follow.

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