christmas time

a couple of days ago i went to see show

the devil and the lion

all get out

i love the devil and the lion, especially the lead singer's solo stuff grayson venters

he's just really talented.

anyway we skipped out on seeing the headliner, (seqouyah prep school) and went to IHOP..

i ate some food off of a few other peoples plates who weren't sitting with us, but thats beside the point.

an couple was sitting right beside us in a booth. they were both sitting on the same side. i usually hate seeing that, but they were like 50 - 60 years old, and i actually thought "awe, thats so sweet" in a really gay accent of course, in my head.. idk. anyway, as i began to watch/listen to them, the whole time, all they ever said to each other was how terrible their service was, and how bad the food was..

no other word, nothing. just that the host was probably a faggot. and the place was way to cold.

they looked so extremely miserable.. and pissed. it was terrible. it didn't seem like love.

i was on edge the whole time waiting on them to start screaming at us for being too loud.. or because we looked gay or something..

anyway, it just disturbed me that the only thing that this couple had that they could share was their hatred for someone/something else..

and i realize that they were probably not believers and i shouldn't hold them up to a standard that they don't care about.

but. it still got to me....

husbands love your wives.

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