july 14 2009

not as bad as i once was,
worse by any standard,
saved by grace,
i'll run to and from and see what it does,

understanding the strain my fault
i'll taste what is good,
then back to the dirt
my face is stained from the trough.

now i'm fading, and falling, an empty swell.
covered by an accented calling, a seemingly empty shell.

You're here, i know it, i know it, i know.
blindness i see, but Lord i'll go.

God of my salvation, why don't you deny me Your presence.
why don't I get what I deserve?
You're good, You're good You're good, i know and i've heard.

Your taste is good and ever so sweet,
none to compare,
even in the throws of this uncertainty.

dawn will shine again, and then return to dusk.
one day my friend, we all will trust.

it'll be good.


Anonymous said...

beautiful and true. thanks jay!

Anonymous said...

it'll be so good.