(somewhat in order)

-performed in front of people for the first time (fam vacay)
-discovered a passion for improv and acting

-lost a roommate.
-gained a roommate.
-went to florida 3 times
-saw mewithoutYou 3, maybe 4 times (cola, fla, philly)

-went surfing for the first time.

-got stung by a jellyfish
wrote a rap.

-went to DC and had the best frounder ever.

-felt the effect of sin in my own life.
-felt the effect of sin in other people's lives.
-grew closer to Jesus.

-hung out with and loved my family more.

- learned how to trust again.
- felt more encouragement than i thought possible.
- found a love for reading.
- witnessed Jesus passionately pursue people's hearts.
-witnessed life change.
-multiple times.

-closed a chapter of my life.

-learned what leading worship is like.
-felt the fear of it.
-learned more about worship with my friends (no matter how out of tune or off pitch)

-learned to slackline.

-played in some mud with my friends.
-performed originals for the first time with my friends.

-drove from 11am to 4am to boston for the first time.

-drove to philly to see mwy with friends, had my first philly cheesesteak.

-had the best new years ever.

in 2009 Jesus pursued me, and allowed me to know Him more.
He blessed me beyond belief, with the opportunities, experiences, family, friends, relationships, pain and bliss.
I learned that God is faithful even when I'm not.

"He does not deal with us according to our sins,
or repay us according to our iniquities"
- psalm 103.10

Praise God.


mattcrawford said...

Love this.

Lauren said...

ditto. to the max

Melissa said...

love this too. jesus is so good to us. his love really does make it worth it all.

Michael said...

Add me in the team that loves everything about this