throughout my life i've had songs that i think back on and remember how important they were to me at the time. these are songs that i listened to over and over and over again. literally on repeat.

i believe these songs shaped my life because the of the way they hit my heart at the time.

dmx - ruff riders anthem 1998

i remember being on the basketball team in middle school and my friend Ed Copes was rapping this song and I thought it was incredible. I listened to it and memorized every word, came back the next week and spit the whole song with him. it was sick. being the only white kid on the team, this helped me out a good bit.

mos def - oh no 2001
just listen to this song.. its so sick.

Black Rob - Let's Get it (video) 2002
P Diddy/Gdep/Black Rob - Special Delivery Remix (video) 2002

these two beats and videos i pretty much ran into the ground learning how to dance. Ed copes told me to listen to and watch "Let's get it" to learn how to shake, so I did. I'm positive there is some embarrassing footage, back home, of me recording myself dancing to it in my room.

nas - one mic 2003

dashboard confessional - screaming infidelities/best deceptions - senior year 2003
when i first heard dashboard, i was on a church bus, laying in the floor, coming back from carowinds, with my friends headphones on, i kept repeating it, i didn't want to give him his cd player back, i remember how heavy it made my heart feel, and how i never had heard anything like it...

bright eyes - halieh halieh haliegh - sophomore year 2004
the anger the angst and clever songwriting, and the disregard for creating music that the masses eat up, conor oberst didn't seem to care what most people think, but he wrote music that was in his heart... and that was so intriguing. it wasn't pretty but it was real.

label kills - doc sommers band - sophomore year 2004

taking back sunday - this photograph is proof - sophmore year 2004
my first taste of yelling and back and forth vocals, so amazing. my heart still jumps when i hear that D being plucked out. that whole album was such a staple in my jeep riding around clemson with crawf.

these are the songs that i remember before i left clemson and transferred to anderson.

more to come....

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oh dashboard.