so today felt prety productive.

i had the interview at the musuem. it went pretty good i suppose..
it could go either way. i felt really young being in there though.. and i think they felt the same way.

right after that i went to help out with the ONE VOTE 08 campaign at the State House.
- more about that here (an organization to stop global poverty)
- an eight year old from Fortmill spoke along with a woman who went through the genocide in Africa and Gov Jim Hodges.
- the ONE team asked if i could come help out with debates and other events this coming semester
- i was helping clean up and wrapping up cables and whatnot, and a woman came up and asked me if i'd like some part time work doing audio/video stuff.. got her card.. gave her mine (HA!)... came back home.. all before lunch..i had a sandwich

oh yeah. i was asked to play in a frisbee tournament this saturday.. in charlotte, i think, against the number 2 team in the nation. that'll be fun

feels like a good day..

its raining outside and i love it.

this is a rough transition.. but whatever.. - i found out the other day it really feels good to truely pray for people..

i haven't been where i need to be with Christ... not nearly close.. I left this morning knowing that... knowing that i need and and WANT to spend more time with You God.... help me with that God..

and i thought.. i hope i don't just write these thoughts down, and do nothing about it...

thanks for understanding!!


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