sometimes its difficult to understand whats going on in your head..
somtimes it makes you mouth close up.. and your head hurt..
and give thoughtless responses..
i've been quiet.... its not normal..

i went to work today. it was good.. had a group of about 20 kids
they were all clients of three child psychologists.. they were all kids who had problems at home.
not really sure what problems.. but the kids were awesome..
they did great on the walls and they were so encouraging to each other...

too bad it would take a masters degree in social work or something for me to get to work with them full time.
maybe thats in the cards somewhere down the road..

we are losing mack brock in a month... God's going to bring up a worship leader in our church soon.

our dog is pretty awesome.

there is a family guy marathon on.
i get to see puddin tommorow.. thats a good thing.
its a couples shower - its dressy casual... you'll find me in jeans (kinda).




puddin said...

it was good to see you saturday.

and my sister is a social worker - never got her master's.

and think about this - what if the new worship leader was... jay hendricks. you could do srp covers. i'd come do my part.

i love you.

Jay said...

hahaha that would be awesome.